See what you’re REALLY paying for with Liberty Helicopters Real Estate Viewing Charter

There’s nothing like a bird’s eye view to really show you that piece of real estate you’ve got your eye on.

Sure, with today’s technology, you don’t even have to leave home or change out of your pajamas to look at the home of your dreams – but, much like all important purchases in your life, you wouldn’t trust what you see in pictures. You’ll put on some clothes, drive up to your chosen location and see that magnificent home for yourself. But even when you get inside – you don’t see everything. Why not see it all – from above! Liberty Helicopters Charter can give you what you need – a view from the top, where you can see what you’re REALLY paying for.

When you’re spending a significant amount of money on real estate, you can’t afford NOT to see ALL of it. When just looking from the ground up, you can’t see everything. Once you get vertical, you’ll never know what you’ll spot. Check out how close (or how far) your next-door neighbors are, or maybe you’ll discover a great hiking trail for the weekends. Or, just maybe, you’ll see another home down the road that will suit you better!

Liberty Helicopters Charter has been flying for 2 generations – father and son team Pat Day Sr and Jr have been soaring over New York and beyond along with their expert pilots, and their state-of-the-art fleet for over 25 years.

Why not add some fun, while thoroughly inspecting the area on and around that piece of property you’ve been looking for. Just drop us a line and we’ll answer any questions you have or book your real estate aerial viewing today!

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