Liberty Helicopters Says There’s Good News For The Winter Blues… Think Summer, Hamptons Style – And Smile!

Yes, winter is here in full force. But now that the days are starting to get longer (about one minute at a time!) – interest in Hamptons real estate is heating up big time. And from what we hear at Liberty, summer rentals are the hottest tickets in town. Although purchases don’t seem to be all that far behind.

How can we tell? Because Liberty has already been flying Hampton lovers back and forth regularly to lock in their summer plans as soon as they can.

The time to trade in your heavy coats and snow boots for flip-flops and bathing suits will be here before you know it. So if you’re looking to escape the sweltering heat and spend the sunny side of summer in the glorious Hamptons, don’t wait too long or the best choices will be gone.

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