Don’t Miss The Fall Foliage – Spectacular From The Air In October!

The show is on. Yes, the world-famous leaves of autumn are here and Liberty Helicopters will take you to see them in all their glorious, vibrant color!

From lower New York state, through Connecticut and Rhode Island – and all the way up into New England – you can see the beauty of nature on your own private tour, or on your way to a nearby destination.

Plan a romantic get-away to the mountains of New Hampshire. Book an overnight stay in a quaint bed and breakfast in lovely Vermont. Or stay in a fancy hotel in Massachusetts. Just be sure to bring a camera because you’ll absolutely love the view.

And if you happen to be going to any of the surrounding casinos – or are still enjoying Fall fun in the Hamptons sun, Liberty Helicopters can take you there by way of the most gorgeous scenic route.

Call Pat Day for details, 1-800-785-5040.

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