Liberty Helicopter Charter Jump-starts the Party!

From the food…to the drinks…to the setting on the beach, there was never a doubt that the double whammy 4th of July/ 25th Anniversary party at the Jersey shore was an all-out serious celebration.

Then the real fun broke loose.

Suddenly out of the “clear blue”– and to the complete surprise of the 250 invited guests – a helicopter appeared. (Liberty, of course.) Out jumped our expert skydiving team…to excite, delight and get a rise out of the crowd as they performed their remarkable stunts.

Should you foresee a party or important event in your future, you can easily see how Liberty Helicopters can put you way up there on cloud 9 when it comes to helping you make an impression, create a buzz and be remembered for one of most fun, best parties ever.

Call Pat Day at 800-785-5040 for details.

Check out the video here:

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