Kids In Overnight Camp?

Most kids – as well as their parents – love summer camp. But it usually doesn’t take too long before everybody starts missing each other big time.

Know how busy parents are handling it these days? They’re booking Liberty Helicopter Charter rides for quick visits to and from camp, much to the delight of their children…and often to their complete surprise.

For short, quick get-aways to camps in the Berkshires, the Catskills, the Pocono’s, the Adirondacks, Long Island, New Jersey – even New England – parents say there’s nothing faster or easier than Liberty. It sure beats all the driving, the traffic and the unexpected impediments along the way.

If you need a quick kid fix, you can probably see them in the morning and be back in the office for an afternoon meeting. How’s that for a great ride – with some fun family time in between!

Call Pat Day at 800-785-5040 for details.

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